About Us

Annmation was founded in 2004. It’s founders were three young women; Anna Conomos, Susanna Willetts, and Anna O’Brien. They began by telling the stories behind the masterpieces at The Barber Institute of Fine Arts (www.barber.org.co.uk), Birmingham; animating the paintings, and therefore calling themselves Annamation.

In 2005 they won awards in the ‘Young Storyteller of the Year Competition’ (see www.tradartsteam.co.uk/ysoy/) and were soon hailed as the ‘new wave’ of storytellers; bringing the age-old tradition into the 21st century.

Annamation can now be seen in: theatres and arts centres, schools and libraries, fairs and festivals, galleries and museums, in harbours and on hill tops.

A fantastic student called John shadowed us for a week during the summer of 2009. He put together a fab little film of some of our storytelling and acting at The Barber Institute of Fine Arts…. enjoy!