Australia:Upcoming performances 2012


After the success of last year’s performances of ‘Drums and Drama’ (see below) and workshops for improving storytelling techniques, Anna Conomos is back this year for a month full of performances and workshops in and around Sydney. See below for details:

1. 12 February 2012: Greek Festival in Cherrybrook, Greenway Park, NSW


Contact: Mihail Fuca-Tomescu 0403 523 183

2. 13 February 2012: STORYTELLING WORKSHOP

Glebe Library 2pm-4pm

Develop your storytelling skills with award-winning storyteller Anna Conomos. These workshops will break down the techniques of public speaking and build up your confidence to enrich your narrations in the home or in the classroom. With a focus on structure, vocal and physical dynamics and characterisation, these workshops will offer valuable insight that will enable teachers/parents/anyone else to get creative and have a lot of fun!

Book online:

3. 14 February 2012: STORYTELLING WORKSHOP

Kings Cross Library 10.30am-12.30pm

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4. 16 February 2012: STORYTELLING WORKSHOP

Time: 7.30pm-9.30pm

Kamaroi Steiner School, 220 Forest Way, Belrose, Sydney, Australia

For bookings please email Katie Orton:
0405 392 006
‘How to tell a  stunning story’

Captivate your audience, capture imagination and build your own unique storytelling skills with award-winning storyteller, Anna Conomos. Anna will bring a variety of short children’s stories to the workshop and with a series of fun and interactive exercises she will demonstrate how structure, craft, vocal and physical skills will give life and animation to your storytelling experience. You will be given techniques to build your confidence and enrich your narrations both in your home and beyond.

5. 25 February 2012: An Island Odyssey – Greek Cultural Storytelling Evening

Time: 7.30pm-9.30pm with interval and Greek dancing

Venue: KAMAROI STEINER SCHOOL, 220 Forest Way, Belrose, Sydney.

A night when folktale, fairytale and myth come to life with spell-binding stories, songs and rhythms from Odysseus’ island home of Ithaka. Award-winning storyteller, Anna Conomos, will take you on a once in a life-time journey where she morphs into creatures and characters of ancient Greece and where the oldest love story meets the 21st century. Not to be missed!

To book please email/phone Katie Orton:



February 2011

DRUMS AND DRAMA: Sizzling Stories, Myths and Music from Greece and Beyond

When: Sunday, February 13 · 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Where: The Hughenden Arts Hotel, 14 Queen Street, Woollahra, Sydney, Australia

More Info: Join storyteller/actress, Anna Conomos and musicians Angela and Kaija for a fun afternoon for all the family! With interactive drumming, Devonshire tea and a dramatic journey around the world you’ll never forget! For bookings please contact Sue Alverez on: or call 99770331. Doors open at 1.30pm. Spread the word! Hope to see you there!

When: Saturday, February 26 · 7:30pm – 10:00pm

Where: KAMAROI School, 220 Forest Way, Belrose, Sydney, Australia

More Info: Take a trip round the world at Kamaroi! This school has a fabulous theatre. It’s an evening performance and so aimed at an older audience but children can also come – it will finish at 10pm because there’s a light dinner half way through. Angela and Kaija will be playing drums, flute, recorder and cello as we bring hilarious heroes to life from all over the world in a dynamic performance of myths and folk tales! Pass on the news to friends and family! To book please contact Sherryl: 94501651 or Joy:


Workshops Aims:

Build your storytelling skills with award-winning storyteller Anna Conomos. With a focus on structure, craft and using vocal and physical skills to bring a story to life, this workshop will break down the techniques and build up your confidence to enrich your narrations in the home, classroom or work-place.

Venue: Kameroi  School (for directions NOT booking:

Times: 7.30-9.30pm

For bookings please contact Joy Day: (email) or (phone) 94501651


Heritage Storytelling Workshop

Have you ever been curious to explore your past, re-discover your roots, to share the land and language of your ancestors? Now is your chance with international storyteller, Anna Conomos: a specialist in multi-cultural storytelling and bilingual telling. Anna’s background is Greek, she was born in Canada, spent much of her early life in Australia before completing her higher education in the UK and embarking on her international career as a storyteller. She has travelled extensively collecting stories, songs, ballads from different countries which she crafts and performs across the globe. Anna delights in bringing to life myths and legends, from her ancestral Greek past… sun gods, ocean monsters, King Midas and Minotaurs infuse her performances which are spiced up with a contemporary and personal touch that delight audiences of whatever background and age group.

Using techniques that have been refined and perfected over a decade of professional workshops and performance delivery, Anna has come to share her knowledge and skills to anyone who would like to explore and discover the art of telling stories from their own background and ancestry (no matter how far back that goes) or from a cultural background or heritage of particular interest.

This workshop will enable you to:

-      Explore the culture and tradition hidden in the mythical world of your chosen heritage story

-      Discover and create the characters suited to this particular cultural landscape and develop the mannerisms and descriptions to bring these characters to life

-      Discover and develop your own unique ‘voice’ in the shaping and crafting of your story

-      Add your own personal touch to the story: anecdotes/riddles, real life moments or personalities of your choice

-      Use bilingualism effectively and successfully to enhance the magic and ‘otherness’ of your story

Venue: Kameroi Rudolf Steiner School (for directions NOT booking:

Times: 10.30am-1pm (Morning tea will be provided)

For bookings please contact Joy Day: (email) or (phone) 94501651