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LATEST NEWS (13/09/13):

Of Mines and Men: the new live interpretation performance by Susanna Oldfield and Anna O’Brien, commissioned by the Hepworth Art Gallery, Wakefield. Click here for more info


When Anna stands up in front of an audience; not to tell a joke, as a stand-up; not to preach a sermon; not to deliver a monologue, or read from a book; but to tell a story, just for the story’s sake – you’re in for a treat! When a group of people gather to listen to a story being told, they know that they are taking part in something refreshingly simple, and yet brilliant.

If you want to experience the magic of storytelling in your setting contact Anna on 07583 086 928

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I love to tell a good hearty story with plenty of oomph! Oomph in delivery but also in content; being a pragmatist I want the stories I tell to mean something, as well as being good fun.

I often incorporate song into my stories, especially folk songs from the British Isles. My mum and dad were real folkies and many of the songs they sang have woven their way, almost subconsciously, into my repertoire.

Community is important to me; I love storytelling projects that inspire people to work together and encourage deeper and more creative communication. Having recently become a mum I am exploring how and why we tell stories to our children.