Storytelling for the Young

Beautiful silk butterflies, shimmering seas, petals and pine cones to touch, and fruit to eat; stories for the very young are full of sensory adventures. Simple stories with actions, rhymes and songs to join in with will capture their attention and stimulate their senses.

Ever wanted to be a jester in the courts of a Cruel King? Or a dog lost in Space? Tudor tricksters, Medieval monsters, Gorgeous Greeks and Splendid Tsars are just some of the characters that Anna brings to life in her stories for children. Schools, Libraries, Fairs and Festivals will be buzzing with life once the children get drawn into the wonderful worlds painted by her words in their own imaginations.

“The Ice Queen’s voice rang out shriller and shriller until Neas’ heart froze and………”

What happens next? Storymaking workshops to get the creative juices flowing and give children the chance to create and tell their own stories.

Teenagers will be gripped by Annamation’s trio show ‘Tongue & Groove’,

“Annamation fulfilled a tall order for a secondary school: to keep three large groups covering a range of ages entertained, amused and educated for an hour and a quarter at a time. The three mesmerising storytellers met that order with imagination, style and panache. In an X box age where nothing is entertaining unless it involves sophisticated electronics, they reminded us all of the power of the centuries-old tradition of storytelling, and how the students enjoyed it! Thank you!” (Wilf Portch, English Teacher, Manor School, Raunds)

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