Creative Interpretation

I and my colleagues specialise in Creative Interpretation of paintings, sculptures, buildings, outdoor spaces, museum collections and music.

A sculpture given meaning by telling the story behind it, abstract artwork explored through interactive mime and music, the story of a masterpice retold by the artist themselves, a medieval ruin brought to life through a virtual guided tour,  a garden used as the inspiration for story making…… the possibilities are endless and the potential for audience impact huge.

Anna’s site specific interpretation includes work at The Barber Institute of Fine Arts, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery and the Tate London, Soho House, Thinktank Science Museum, Derby Museum and Art Gallery, Rugby Museum and Art Gallery, The Harley Gallery, The Herbert Museum and Art Gallery, St Phillips Cathedral and The Royal Society of Birmingham Artists

Lady Botetourt teaches children how to make Lammas bread to celebrate the harvest

On one gloriously sunny Saturday I took on the role of Lady Botetourt, one of the former owners of Weoley Castle, a Medieval Manor in Birmingham and I took one hundred people on a virtual tour of the site. Here is a picture of some children helping me to make Lammas bread to celebrate the first crop of harvest.