Primary and Secondary Schools

Storytelling performances that hold even the toughest audience captive! Myths, legends and folktales from around the world  to suit the curriculum.

We work with Foundation Years, Primary, Secondary and Special Needs Schools

“Annamation fulfilled a tall order for a secondary school: to keep three large groups covering a range of ages entertained, amused and educated for an hour and a quarter at a time. The three mesmerising storytellers met that order with imagination, style and panache. In an X box age where nothing is entertaining unless it involves sophisticated electronics, they reminded us all of the power of the centuries-old tradition of storytelling, and how the students enjoyed it!”

Thank you!

(Wilf Portch, English Teacher, Manor School Raunds, Northamptonshire)

“Annamation were so skillfull in their reactions to the children’s input. The performance was at just the right level with a good variety of songs, dance and actions to keep the children interested.”

(Bedelsford Special Needs School)

Annamation are artists in residence at Rookery School, Handsworth. Check out the residency at The residency is funded by Birmingham City Council Community Arts Team.