Theatre in Education

Annamation devised and deliver the pioneering ArtReach! programme for the Barber Institute of Fine Arts.

‘The Two Claudes’

Aimed at Key Stage 2:

The children have the unique opportunity of travelling back in time to compare the art work of landscape painters Claude Monet and Claude Lorrain. Larger than life Signor Tassie teaches Claude Lorrain and the children complex concepts like artistic perspective and the rules of landscape painting, while Monet shows him the wonders of the latest invention ‘oil paint in a tube!’

Claude Monet Versus Claude Lorrain

‘Flinck and Rembrandt’

Aimed at Key Stage 1:

Rembrandt teaches his young protégé Govaert Flinck how to paint a portrait of a boy.

Flinck Gets in Trouble for Painting
Young Flinck Copies Master Rembrandt

‘Vigee-Lebrun and the Countess Golovine’

Aimed at Key Stages 1 and 2:

French Artist Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun visits her friend the Countess Golovine in Russia and rescues her from a sticky situation by using her skills as a portrait painter.

Vigee and the Countess
“Both performances were ideally suited to the children. The children were totally involved. The fun, enjoyment, captivating atmosphere, cannot be measured”
Teacher at Glynne Primary School, Birmingham

“I had no idea how art history wold be brought to life for such small children. The performance was fantastic, gripping the children’s attention, making them laugh and teaching them all at the same time. Well Done!”
Parent at Kings sutton Primary School, Northamptonshire

‘A Tale of Two Victorians’

Aimed at Key Stage 1 and 2

A play written and performed by Annamation exploring what life was like in Victorian times. Annamation use song, comic slapstick and storytelling in this play to capture the imagination of the audience, taking them back into the world and atmosphere of the 19th century.